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Navigating the Instagram Struggle – thoughts and tips to help you regain clarity on Social Media


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A couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram about my struggle with coming up with something to say in the caption. Even though it wasn’t a brilliant post and I actually thought it was kind of dumb, I shared it anyway. It was on my heart and it just felt really honest.

Then to my surprise, lo and behold, as I was scrolling through my feed in the following days I saw not one, not two, but several more posts by creatives basically talking about the same thing! Nobody had answers, but we were all thrown a loop for what to say, how to share when nothing extraordinary is happening, and just why is it so hard sometimes?? So that’s what we shared about.

Unfortunately, I’m actually not here to offer any concrete answers either. We’re all on different journeys and no one piece of advice is going to work for everyone. These tips are merely reminders that greatly helped me shift my focus and regain clarity recently as I navigate the ever changing world of social media… 🙂

  • Remember your original focus – to build trust with people.

This is what it’s all about, right? Whether you’re a service or products based business, blogger, or influencer, social media is all about building trust and connecting with people. I think sometimes we can slip into thinking there’s something else to be gained there. Like maybe we can prove our worth to the world using social media. Or maybe if we get so-and-so many followers/comments/likes it will make us feel more valued. A simple shift of focus back to what my Instagram was really created for (trust and connection) is so helpful for me when planning what to post.

  • Write to yourself.

Some of the most relatable, funny, and inspiring posts I’ve seen on Instagram were written by someone who didn’t care so much what other people thought, but was simply writing what they needed to hear. I don’t know about you, but this takes the pressure off of me to come up with something totally random that’s “relatable, funny, or inspiring” and as long as you’re being honest, you’re almost guaranteed to strike a chord in others as well. Which brings me to my last point…

  • Honesty isn’t pretty.

Sometimes it feels messy and vulnerable and “not professional”. Guess what?

That’s okay. So many people are now embracing this and you can too. I’m not saying that you should always spill your guts out about exactly what’s going on in your life, but don’t be afraid to share something that’s a little scary to admit. Maybe it’s not “picture perfect” or “Instagram worthy”…. that’s okay. Because neither is life. People love seeing pretty pictures, but more than that, people love connecting with others through honest stories. Because honestly, most of the time their story isn’t pretty. It’s not Instagram worthy.

So let’s not be afraid to share ours. This is what builds trust and create connection and that can have a lasting effect on your business.

Instagram can get a little crazy at times. Sometimes it’s so easy to get slogged down in the comparison struggle and waste so much time and energy over something that is really nothing. In those cases I try to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with simply deleting the app whenever I need to.

Sometimes it is so essential to have a little breather without that distraction.

I know that it can be a challenge at times, but I believe that together we can learn to use Instagram for the powerful tool that it is, while not letting it control us or any part of our lives.




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