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My Current Favored: Resources on Productivity


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I am a huge sucker for anything on productivity. It’s one of my favorite things to learn about in the business education, work-from-home, work/life balance world. And I thoroughly enjoy putting those lessons into practice so I can get more done while saving time! Tell me what’s better than that?!

Okay, there’s probably some things, but the point is, I’ve looked at many resources out there on productivity and I’m here today to share with you my current favored top three. So you can find the good without weeding through the not-so-good. 🙂

A wealth of knowledge that is practical and easily implemented. And much of it is info you’re not going to find anywhere else!

Quick short read by Laura Vanderkam. But packed with so much wisdom from people that have been working at this productivity thing much longer than I have, haha.

So good. Nancy breaks down the basics of productive habits while still acknowledging how often we need grace to thrive in this crazy world. Possibly my favorite resource out of the three, which is saying a lot!

And a bonus, that I actually haven’t tried yet. I am definitely planning to try these power sheets soon! I have only heard good things about them and keep seeing that everyone has them. I loved Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters book and trust it would be a helpful resource.

Cultivate What Matters 2019 Undated Power Sheets

Okay, that’s all for now! Hopefully this is helpful for you and boosts your productivity like never before! 😊




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