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7 business days from the day that you upload the catalog for edits.

What is your typical turnaround time?

How will I send you my PHotos?

Using Lightroom Smart Previews!
You can export your culled photos as a catalog of Smart Previews and upload to Dropbox where I can access and edit them easily in Lightroom from my computer. 

Can I see a sample gallery?

While I am happy to do a trial session to help you decide if we're a good fit, at this time I do not have any sample galleries to show. 
This is mainly because every photographer's style of shooting and editing is so different it would not make sense to compare my editing of someone else's work to how I would edit yours. My number one goal is to edit your work to your style well and I would be hard pressed to find a photographer that shoots and edits the same way that you do!

How will you learn to edit my style?

This is such an important question! I will work to get to know your style before I even start editing your photos, but the best way to insure that my edits are exactly to your style is to include anchor images when you send me the catalog. Anchor images are when you edit photos throughout the catalog before sending it to show your exact preference of edits for exposure and color. If you have a preset you use when editing your photos you may send me that as well.



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